Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25/09/2013 FUN Activities on Patterns, Division, Mutiplication,

Sharing with you some interesting math activities.

1) Division and Finding Patterns
This is very fascinating. Using your name, find the letter at the 2013th position. The method I used was looking out for patterns. I found that the numbers were formed in way that all the multiples of 10 were moving daigonally downwards as they increased. Using the multiples of 10, I counted to 200. I observed that the 200 was under the same column as 20. I deduced that 2000 would also be at that column. From there, I counted to 13 and got my answer. A faster, shorter and accurate way was to use division. Using 2013 and dividing it by 9 gives a remainder of 6. The 6th letter is the answer. It works with all numbers! The division method is used to find out how many full counts were made from my name. The remainder number if 3 letters short of a full count. Therefore, 'I' is the 2013th letter.

2) Dividing/Parts and Whole
Using a small rectangular paper, fold it so that it can be shared equally among 4 people. How many ways can you come up with? Are u able to create 4 different yet equal shapes? 
Here are some ways:

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