Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25/09/2013 Enrichment, Practice and Acceleration

In mathematics, enrichment, practice and acceleration are 3 different goals.
Practice- to work on same goal using the same method.
For example, your child needs practise on AB patterning. Have them make AB patterns using blue beads and red beads. To practice this skill, you can provide them with other objects (two types only). 

Enrichment- to work on the same goal using different methods/objects 
For example, you can have them identify AB patterns in their surroundings. You can also provide them with 3 different types of objects and have them create possibilities of AB patterns.

Acceleration- Progressing onto a new goal. 
For example, drawing AB patterns or making ABC patterns. As long as they are learning new goals, they are accelerating to a next level.

So, if John has no problems making AB patterns with green beans and red beans, which one of those three methods would you suggest doing and what are the activities you can think of?

These three words are essential when it comes to planning activities for your child. You do not want to be planning activities that are not appropriate for them.

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