Monday, September 23, 2013

23/09/2013 There Is No One Way In Mathematics

Math is scary to me. I have never done well in mathematics and never liked it. Perhaps it was the thinking that caused me to stop exploring mathematics. After yesterday's lecture, I reflected on it and found that I actually liked mathematics for it is FUN. It was the RIGHT answer that stopped me from exploring problems and possibly the lack of patience too. I learned a few important values of learning mathematics yesterday and it was through these hands on activities that I actually learned to DO mathematics. There is no one way to mathematics.

We did a total of 4 problems from yesterday's lecture.
1) Counting Name
-figuring out the letter in our names that takes up the 99th spot.
2) Spell Count Card Trick
-arranging the cards in a way that when you spell the number of the card, the card will appear at the top of the deck.
3) Fractions
-finding out the time it takes to shred a truckload of paper if both old and new machines are operating at the same time.
4) Tangrams
-exploring ways to create a rectangle using different shaped and sized tangrams.

There are many possibilities in creating a rectangle.

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